Thursday, February 18, 2010


As I drive around town, I notice new businesses and remember the old ones they replaced. For example, many moons ago -- about the early 1980s -- I remember a restaurant called Brannigans. It was located on Fort Union Boulevard at about 1300 East.

  • I remember going there my mom and her friend Maude Savage.
  • They had booths with lemon-yellow vinyl benches.
  • I remember Club Sandwiches held together with colored, plastic, fuzzy-ended toothpicks.
  • The white ceiling tiles (the pressed cardboard kind with the little holes) had stuck in them may of the fuzzy-ended toothpicks, which patrons had launched to see if they would stick. They did!
  • I remember bright pink ice cream and in it bright blue bubble gum.

Does anyone else remember Brannigans?


Heather said...

I remember the name, but not the place. I love your details -- great visuals!

It's crazy because every time I go to SL it seems that something has gone out of business or changed. It's so crazy!

Sandstone Writings said...

I forgot about that place until I read your blog. Fun to see you at the party. My daughters mentioned how you don't really realize about lyrics until you see them on the screen in Karaoke. Rats! But it was a fun party and I loved the photos on H's blog. Have you checked them out?